Trihun Professa T45

Dual linear accuracy technology, The series is a saw with future technology, it is a world class advanced sliding table saw.

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It’s a significant milestone for the industry! The saw now has a precise cutting program that runs on time. There’s even an optional software for optimized cutting. Plus, a fully automatic rip cutting fence controlled by servos ensures efficiency. The professaT45 also boasts Dual Linear Accuracy Technology for precise cross cutting. The machine features a large 3200mm sliding table (or optional 3800mm), and can install a blade of up to 600mm in diameter. It can cut materials up to a maximum thickness of 210mm, showcasing its heavy-duty and tough working capabilities.

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Length of sliding table: 3200mm
Width of sliding table: 420mm
Rip fence cutting: 1300mm
Cross fence cutting: 3400mm max
Spindle diameter: 30mm
Max blade installation: 600mm
Max cutting height at 90 degrees: 200mm
Max cutting height at 45 degree: 120mm
Power of main saw: 5.5kw
125mm cut with 5.5Kw
200mm cut with 7.5Kw motor (requires speed converter)
Power of scoring saw: 1.1kw
Blade raises or down: Automatic
Blade tilting: Control panel automatic set
Measurement ruler set: CNC control
Gross Weight: 1200kg
Packing size: 2370*1370*1460mm Main saw machine
3280*510*445 sliding table


Next Level of Technology

Optimization Software

Optimization software for panel saws maximizes material usage, reduces waste, and enhances efficiency in cutting and manufacturing processes.

Automatic Guage Fence

Panel saws feature automated cross and rip fences synchronized with optimization software for precise, error-free cuts, reducing waste and eliminating manual intervention.

Labelling Printer

A labeling printer in panel saw optimization software streamlines production by generating accurate labels for each cut piece, aiding assembly.

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